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Yard and Lawn Maintenance Tips

Most yard and lawn maintenance centers around cleaning and maintaining lawns, plants, and other features found in a garden. This can often prove to be quite a difficult task, more so when one considers the predators which are on the constant lookout for food. Keeping animals from your garden and maintaining a clean and weed-free yard are 2 important duties for every homeowner, and the solutions are simple, a few household products and ingenuity are all you need. Apart from keeping your yard clean and pest free, yard maintenance basically means planting, mowing, and mulching wisely.

Weeds are the bain of every lawn service and homeowners life, and even though there are toxic weed killers available, they are harmful to the environment. Instead, try a mixture of vinegar and water. Soak the weeds completely and leave it to settle overnight. By the morning, the weeds, in theory, should be dead, and the soil is not contaminated. Vinegar is not just eco-friendly but costs much less than toxic weed killers.

So much maintenance revolves around stopping pests from gaining entrance, however, deer can be just as devastating as they eat the plants. In order to keep deer out, repellants are available at most gardening centers. Also, Coyote urine has been known to repel deer, as their acrid odor is not pleasing to their noses. Other strong smells, like rotten eggs and cayenne pepper, are good deer repellents too, sadly, they will make your garden stink also.

Planting dense plants together will also keep deer out of gardens, as deer do not like tight and confined spaces, also, planting vegetables they do not like around the perimeter of your garden could also deter them. When all else fails, build a fence around your garden.

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