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7 Tips on Safe Lawn Mowing


Lawn mowers cause numerous injuries every year. Even when used correctly, power lawn mowing equipment can be dangerous. If you follow the tips listed below, however, you will be less likely to experience any accidents while cutting your grass.

  1. Know your mower. Always read the owner’s manual. Learn all about all safety features, and never disconnect them. Make sure all nuts and bolts are tightened and don’t pull a walking mower.

  2. Before mowing, always check your lawn. Make sure your clothing is suitable. Clear any rocks and debris. Wearing long pants and heavy shoes will protect you from flying debris. When you use a reel mower, experts advise not to wear anything loose.

  3. Protect yourself from the noise. Earplugs can stop the noise that the lawn mower, trimmers, edgers, and blower from harming your hearing.

  4. Don’t allow children or pets on the lawn when you mow. Avoid letting children operate the lawn maintenance equipment unless they are physically strong, responsible, and able to understand the safety and operating features. If you have a ride-on mower, don’t let your young child a ride.

  5. Fuel with care. Before you fuel the mower, make sure you have stopped it. Then, allow the engine to cool for 10 minutes before you proceed. Do not fill the tank with the mower on the lawn. Your gas should have an adequate pouring spout to prevent spills. As gasoline-soaked rags can cause fires, put them in a covered metal can after you have used them to clean spills.

  6. Don’t forget to turn off your mower. Don’t leave your mowing equipment to run unattended. And never work on a motor while it is running. When crossing nongrass areas, turn off the power.

  7. Mind the hills. Mowers can go out of control or flip because of steep slopes. Therefore, you should plant a ground cover that is not turf in these areas. If the slope is gentle, mow across it, not up and down. A walk- behind mower is most suitable for the purpose.

If you are not sure you can handle grass cutting yourself or you don’t have the time to do it, then you can always have lawn service professionals do it for you. If you are looking for a lawn mowing expert in Hialeah, FL, call Clear Creek Landscaping Corp.


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